All Channels meet at Mezchip

Your customers come from various channels - Phone, Email, Whatsapp & Social Media. Mezchip enables you to collate and respond to all queries from one single window.

Communication leads to conversion

Mezchip's deep store integration feature pulls background information on your customer so you can have a personalized conversation and perform actions without juggling channels and stores.

Prioritize Conversations

Customer queries can get overwhelming! With Mezchip, you can prioritize and organize queries across channels and create a seamless exprerience for your agents.

"88% of your customers are less likely to recommend your brand to others when they don't get a response on social media.

Businesses need to invest in omni-channel solutions so they can link these new mediums together and create a seamless customer experience."

Esteben Kolsky

Improve your customer experience with us

Mezchip integrates your online store with your existing support channels to help you deliver the ultimate customer experience for your brand